Choreographer: Ervi Sirén
Sound Designer: Aake Otsala
Lighting Designer: Takayuki Fujimoto

Masaru Kakio, Takao Kawaguchi, Koji Tamamura, Takiko Iwabuchi, Yumi Tateishi
Stage Manager: So Ozaki
Translation/Production Staff: Caitlin Coker, Sonoko Chishiro

Fri March 2 at 7:30pm, Sat March 3 at 3pm  (Doors Open 30 min Before Showtime)
Post-Show Talk on both nights.

Kyoto Art Center
546-2 Yamafushiyama-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604- 8156 JAPAN

Tel: +81 (0)75-213-1000

Throughout her career spanning over three decades, Finnish dance artist Ervi Sirén has studied and developed her unique concept of movement. Her sensitive, subtle and profound understanding of the dancing body has impacted the dance training of Finland during her years as teacher at the Theatre Academy  (1980-89) and as a professor of the Dance Department (1998-2007). At the age of 60, Sirén once again entered the freelance dance field and became house-choreographer of Zodiak – Center for New Dance for 2010-2011.

Ervi Sirén's working method is movement-based. She has an incredible gift of seeing the inner potential of each dancer individually, and the ability to bring out the uniqueness – the pearl – within. Her method includes practices that open up and reveal new skills and new movement qualities in dancers.

(b. 1976) is a musician, composer and sound designer from Finland. He has worked with many renowned choreographers in Finland, including Alpo Aaltokoski, Arja Raatikainen and Ervi Sirén. Otsala has also a long career in Finnish popular music and his discography contains over 20 albums, e.g. the records of his own progressive rock band Absoluuttinen Nollapiste. Otsala's solo album "Songs From a Closed Room" was released in 2010.

Director/ lighting design artist. Began working with multi-media performance group Dumb Type as the main lighting designer and technical manager. Recently creating many works and collaborations featuring LED lighting design. In 2007 he presented “true/本当のこと” with 9 artists, including Tsuyoshi Shirai and Takao Kawaguchi.  Currently creating his latest works “Node/The Old Man of the Desert” and “Seeing Red“.

Studied Contemporary Dance at the Laban Centre.  After dancing with artists such as Herve Robbe and Ted Stoffer, founded Dance Theatre LUDENS in 1999.  Major works include “Be,”“Es,”“Distance,” and “Against Newton.”  Has performed in 11 countries to great critical acclaim.  Also performs solo works, collaborates with international choreographers, and participates in the Tokyo International Dance Workshop.

Started dancing after being impacted by Jackson Pollock`s paintings and seeing pictures of Kazuo Ohno.  Studied modern dance since 1995 and began his own work in 2000, with projects such as outdoor documentary movies.  Active member of Contact Gonzo from 2006 to 2009. Participated as a dancer in the works of companies such as Ensemble Sonne and Dance Theatre Ludens, and of director Zan Yamashita.
Based on a dance with fundamental gratitude and joy, from an approach equivocal to surviving a predicament.

Established ATA Dance in 1991 with Atsuko Yoshifuku`s group and began dance.  Participated in the performance arts group Dumbtype and also performed as a solo artist since 1996.After 2003 worked with artists who span the fields of music and art.  Has been developing these collaborations into “a perfect life” series, with himself as the theme, since 2008.  Without being confined by any one genre, is constantly exploring new means of expression and thematic matters in his works.

Began jazz dance at a young age with the influence of her mother (former TakarazukaRevue member).  In 2001-2007 performed in an array of classical ballet, jazz, and tap dance stage productions.  Debuted her self-directed, choreographed works “Peace” in 2008 and “Spiral” in 2009.  Studied dance in Berlin in 2010. Presented her original work in the 2011 Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space.

Established the unit “Tori to Tora” as director and scriptwriter in 2007.  Began dance as Yoko Mutou`sapprentice in 2009. Performed his original work “Rain” at the Chiyoda Arts Festival in 2011 and received the Itou Chie Award. 
With a style rich in improvisation, expresses the actual sensation of the here and now.

Now recruiting volunteer staff to assist with the PR, interpretation, and production of this program. No experience necessary. We look forward to hearing from you.

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